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    how to divide an area in sections?

    If your facing a big one, you should get another hand on it.
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    En-suite Ceiling Skim - SBR or PVA?

    Pva. You'll be fine using the same mix if your quick enough.
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    Best Trowel

    Mt for laying on. Refina s*p*r*lex for the rest
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    Poor finish on render - advice please

    Builder applied render. Theres your answer mate.
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    Sponge float help

    Sponges are for pussies
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    Mental health help.

    Talk to him. Just talk to him. My mother in law tried 3 times. Dont let things wait get him the help he needs.
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    Did it come home after? Havent heard anything since the final
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    Rate increases.

    150 is mates rates
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    Im not. I float coat or board and fill chases with cement
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    I never use bonding, never have,never will.
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    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    Id agree with you if it was render but come on the odd blemish fine. Thats horrendous
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    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    Once the craters have been dubbed out