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    Lime ashlar stucco

    Cracking job
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    Lime based renovation render Rasolite, repairs of traditionally built properties

    How can you put a breathable coating over a none breathable sub strate .? Why would you do that ? It’s pointless ! Do not waste your money. I can not understand why these companies make such products. When using lime you Do Not use any additives - Nothing ?
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    Lime Plasterer

    Sorry to busy now
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    Lime Plasterer

    Where about are you in the north west ? Paul Midland Plastering ltd Stoke-On-Trent
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    Good skills

    Sorry we are in stoke
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    Good skills

    Where are you based ?
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    Lime plaster over plasterboard?

    I agree with pftmonojetman
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    Insitu cornice in lime mortar & casting plaster

    Very nice work top professional
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    Drying time

    For every millimetre of screed it's one day dry time , so for 65mm = 65 days But as you know if you are careful you can walk on it the next day
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    Whats the best company to buy Polished plaster from?

    Hi I would recommend marcopolodecor. Very good material
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    I agree with Danny and topspread