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    If I was looking at that job I’d of said I’d forgot something in the van then drove off.
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    Vapour barrier

    Yes but I wouldn’t of fixed the battens to the brickwork (would have at least a 50mm cavity between studwork and external brickwork)
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    Thoughts on this?

    Wank idea just like your tape.
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    simple invoicing for plasterers

    Letter head on A4 paper, second class stamp (first if your flush or want to impress)
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    Please help-hole in new render!

    You’ll be better off buying an external cable cover and sticking it on with CT1. Comma companies use them sometimes but use silicone and they end up falling off so use CT1
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    Please help-hole in new render!

    All telecommunication companies are the same I had to have a new phone line fitted and asked the lad to drill from the outside- in (made sure there were no obstructions and it was were I wanted it inside). He refused said it was against company policy, I explained that I was a plasterer and...
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    Please help

    That’s shocking your best to cut your losses. What area are you from there will be someone on here that can help you.
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    Please help

    Agree with John paint bubbles, it’s a pain in the arse when it happens. Get the plasterer back and if he’s decent he’ll reskim that wall (easy fix). That’s when blue grit etc is worth the extra time.
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    Can I PVA this yet?

    Agree, sounds a mare for the lack of materials. I’d of done what the local’s do knock it off S&C scratch let it cure then floating coat with a sponge finish. The paint it up after a few weeks.
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    Drywalling without dot n dab

    Different manufacturers have different specs as well as different area/council building inspectors. Essentially it’s in case of a fire and insulation losses it’s bond due to heat the secondary fix holds it in place (that’s the theory). The fixings they have used look to be external plastic ones...
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    Drywalling without dot n dab

    Definitely need removing then as elite exteriors said dot and dabbed then secondary fixed. If they don’t do this then the boards will move and you’ll get cracks on your walls later down the line.
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    Drywalling without dot n dab

    Your plasterer is not a plasterer he’s a chancer.
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    Mental health and depression

    He needs a purpose that’s the main problem with all this mental health business at present. f**k the social media shite off and get out for a walk in a rural environment. I love the simple things now wildlife, sun on on my back, fresh air and it costs bugger all.
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    Log burner question

    I’ve never spent a penny on on wood that I burn, Geordies are tighter than Yorkshire folk.