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    Carlite finish

    This is what we have over here..Great stuff...
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    The joys ....

    I will no bother......
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    The joys ....

    Letting a client loose with a kango hammer.. Not a good idea...
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    Handy Friday .....small ceiling

    Handy day....
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    Damp weather rendering

    Will it ever dry up for a bit of rendering
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    Skimming for a renderer

    Been doing skimming & Rendering for the last 36 years.. Don't know about you guys over there. We know how to do both... Ive never used a sponge on skim coats.. Weird practice
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    Day rate

    Want to keep in with him... Do plenty.. He'll get you more work
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    Friday again

    OK lad back to the beer...
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    Friday again

    OK lad back to the beer.. Still get it the odd time in the North of Ireland
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    Friday again

    Not exactly grey finish.. They call it ultra finish.. 90min set time.. Not always but depends on back ground
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    Friday again

    Large rum & Coke for me....
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    Friday again

    Here we go again...deep tracks to fill... Thanks a lot sparkys
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    Retirement Plans

    This is why I'll never retire.. Anything to stay out of the house....