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    Does anyone know of a super sticky tape? We’re struggling with orange brick tape on stone it’s just falling off
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    Site rates

    thanks guys looks like nothings changed then
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    i know this is not the place but im after some personal experiance

    I’ve had it once in the Past we were scraping back at 7am in the Morning on a Sunday haha that’s what pillows are for put them over you’re head
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    Site rates

    Guys I don’t need advice about how to plaster lol I’ve done both domestic and site work I just want to know what rates people are getting
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    Bought and fitted the wrong plasterboard ☹️

    Same here it doesn’t fall off
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    Using white beads with different colour top coat

    We use white beads all the time unless specified
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    whats your scratch render of choice?

    Haven’t onestop come out with a product that can be scraped in a few hrs regardless of conditions?
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    Render to New Build - Is it ok

    I’d knock the house down and start again
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    Pink grip

    Use dab adhesive f**k em yay
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    IT'S HERE!

    What a crock of shite wtf is the point of that lol
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    Site rates

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    Site rates

    That was a helpful answer thanks lurpak Smoother I’m out of touch with rates I don’t need advice about what will happen
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    Site rates

    Hello all what’s everyone getting I’m thinking of moving but I’ve been with the same firm for 7 years thanks for any replies
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    Plastering machines

    I’d love to get on a job to use hard wall......
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    Who drinks energy drinks?

    I agree with the speed thing out half a gram in each room and you can only touch it once you’ve scraped the floors in the last yay!