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    The big launch (2)

    most plasterers use staples or stick beads on why would they use tape ?
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    Sand a cement on internal walls with mutifinish?

    RAF I’m sure you’re mother was begging for it when we tied you’re old man up screaming like a pig she was !!!! Good girl
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    Roughcast Ritmo

    It’s s**t anyway Andy stick to traditional all mono renders suck they look s**t do it the old fashioned way tell the customer to give it a coat of paint and tell the pricks who can’t use a hawk and trowel to f**k off and push trollies around in Sainsbury’s job done
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    Had a nightmare

    Long live Birmingham we all want to move there really we’re just lazy !
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    How do they expect me to get over that ?

    I’m with owls on this one why you don’t want is perfectly straight block work then they expect the render to be flat !!
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    I’ve just ordered something from you and left a post from spunky in the ‘ would you like to add anything’ section if I don’t get a discount Cheltenhams not far from me I will come up up there and burn the factory down x love ya !!
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    Lol how’s it going you bunch of ...... nice people x
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    Does anyone know of a super sticky tape? We’re struggling with orange brick tape on stone it’s just falling off
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    Site rates

    thanks guys looks like nothings changed then
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    i know this is not the place but im after some personal experiance

    I’ve had it once in the Past we were scraping back at 7am in the Morning on a Sunday haha that’s what pillows are for put them over you’re head
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    Site rates

    Guys I don’t need advice about how to plaster lol I’ve done both domestic and site work I just want to know what rates people are getting
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    Bought and fitted the wrong plasterboard ☹️

    Same here it doesn’t fall off
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    Using white beads with different colour top coat

    We use white beads all the time unless specified
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    whats your scratch render of choice?

    Haven’t onestop come out with a product that can be scraped in a few hrs regardless of conditions?