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    Thistle pro finish.

    They only do a metre square panel in bg land!
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    Its on bgs spec sheet as they say not enough plaster goes through the holes if only stapled
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    Just out of interest how many of you bed thin coat beads in finish before stapling/nailing as recomended by bg
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    So why is board finish still available if multi is supposedly suitable for boards?
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    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    Did he come into the house or throw it on the wall through the window. My first coat is as good as that before being flattened!
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    Repeat customers

    Member of cnd?
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    Other trades !( Savage )

    Bastards have cut them in half as well!!
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    Manky Boab

    Always went to work smart as we went to work in 3.0 vauxhall senator then changed into s**t clothes to work.Changed to smart to go to pub lunchtime and normally went home after. Even now go to work tidy, keep van mint but work like a tramp!
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    Plastering Over Existing Wall Plate.

    Best to ask the Architwat, he decides the spec.
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    What a load of tosh bg at its best!! We only make it, if theres any problems it the spreads fault!!
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    Reinforcing mesh in skim.

    Remove the boards you f**k*d up and replace them, meshing new boards is a joke and you already sound like a cock.
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    Sack the lab if youve got to devil before finishing wall and you've forgot the eml for the wall plate.
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    Plaster did not cover angle thin coat

    The bead corner is supposed to show, looks like the rest you should worry about
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    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    A good architect would of explained to you about light ingress when he showed you his planned glazing scheme