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    Best machine for S&C

    CES Hire in High Wycombe are good for diesels normally have some ex hire machines for sale as well as a very large hire fleet, could be worth hiring one out for a week or two to see how you get on
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    Rend aid

    cant remember the water but think it was around 300ish just use a 12-14mm cap, you need to cover up but to be honest its pretty stick stuff so its not as messy to spray as you would think we just sprayed in wide bands and then just spread it about with our trowels ....and then scratched it
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    Experienced machine Renderers needed For South/South West

    Hi, we are looking for experienced guys for work in the south, we have a large contract of 120 units to be completed by the end of the year using Parex Monorex and some EHI, plots are varying in size from 50m2 to approx 200m2 as well as some areas of Ashlar You MUST have your own machine...
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    Welcome PFT

    And mine
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    big things happening at PFT this year

    It's got caterpillar tracks and sat nav
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    Refurbished vans.

    ive just bought an 09 plate transit lwb med roof its in mint condition iside an out an ex lease van full dealer service history was serviced every 15k got it for £3900 plus vat mileage is high though but it drives like new the same i couldnt justify 10k plus on a van plus that if i have no...
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    big things happening at PFT this year

    ok ...its gonna be orange
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    big things happening at PFT this year

    cant tell you til april ...if we told you know we'd have to kill you
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    big things happening at PFT this year

    ive seen it too .....tidy bit of kit :o)
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    Spraying Rendaid with a g 4

    sprayed it with both a D4-3 and a D6-3 waters around 300ish not the bet to spray as its a bit sticky but it sprays no problem
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    parex acrylic spraying

    Goody get some air intake/carb cleaner spray tht on the overspray and then wipe off...ffs dont get it on the finished work though lol tidy looking job but looking at the picture where its shows the sprayed external and the primered maite have you sponge finished the maite or just troweled it...
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    CPI Delivery Woes

    your the only person i know who's broken one of those lol...mind you your the only person i know who hits their spray gun with a hammer lol
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    parex acrylic spraying

    blonsey likes a nice tight hole
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    the best machine for site mix and k-rend?

    No thats the AV 3000 the pump you have is the AV3
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    parex acrylic spraying

    Steve i wouldn't want to be spraying acrylic through skim hoses mate, skim hose is only 13mm as opposed to the bigger 19mm or 25mm you'll just end up causing unnecessary problems, and by the time you've spent out on making fittings to adapt the gun you may as well just get the 19mm hose