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    Wooden corner bead / modern alternatives

    Think this is being over thought. You can walk into b an q an search for wood dowling. Its not far off the original sizes they used on lath an plaster. Doesn’t matter what material you use.. the plaster will hairline crack down the connection.
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    Best way to get into plastering?

    Everything you said bud is correct! Look for helping other plasterers an find your own feet that way. Courses is a option but limited in situations etc. All good plastering is experience really. Don’t be bought into the qualification side of it. I’ve seen plenty level 3 plasteres work an it’s...
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    Idiots everywhere.

    Think your right.. price your worth. Too many ones scrapping for the cheap price an never getting any further. Just because the guy is super busy doesn’t mean he’s making more than you. Anyone can be stacked with work when your pricing £120 a day. Or is the guy who’s pricing high an only getting...
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    Idiots everywhere.

    Haha! the joys bud! Got to just laugh. Cant wait till I’m old enough to look like a good plasterer for customers. Be super busy llf.
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    Idiots everywhere.

    The funniest part.. the joiner who passed my details on said the man of the house asked if I was good at my job as he thought I looked young. 33 ffs! How old you ment to look to be a good plasterer? Dina half get them.
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    Idiots everywhere.

    ha! Done a woman’s kitchen the other week. After I was done she said “ just to let you know I like a wee bargain so if I pay you cash I’d appreciate it “ while standing in her big fancy house. Looked at her an thought you miserable git. That’s how people like you have houses like this.
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    Grit fail

    Had blue grit fail on me a couple times. Don’t rate it now at all! Even the low suction part. Pva all day.
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    Shite multi

    Sounds like your timing is off.. can happen from time to time.. especially if you use a super flexy dingy thing
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    A bad time to be Scottish!!

    Cos there a bunch of wank pots! Wait for the blame game! Typical England. Cant help them selfs.
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    A bad time to be Scottish!!

    What a f**k**g night to be Scottish! Yee f**k**g ha!
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    NHS private medical records grab

    Just England from what I heard a few weeks ago. There’s a lot of s**t going on behind closed doors but people are too busy putting a mask on to walk outside to a deadly virus that McDonald’s managed to stay open through the whole thing! Stay save an keep your head buried in the gullible sand pit
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    Trowels getting to sharp!

    The illusion you need mega pressure to plaster a wall! False an a bad habit. Trowel does the work so you don’t have to. Carbon all day everyday.
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    Any pva about ?

    Art attacks selling it