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    Trowels getting to sharp!

    The illusion you need mega pressure to plaster a wall! False an a bad habit. Trowel does the work so you don’t have to. Carbon all day everyday.
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    Any pva about ?

    Art attacks selling it
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    Skim stripes

    Could be a combination of timing an trowel angle. Both play a vital part in this corona virus pandemic an we MUST protect ourself at ALL costs.
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    Show me the money.

    Interesting. There no point worrying as oils running out in 9years an other fossils taking it to 2050. Oil won’t run out like turning a water supply off. It will be a decrease motion,,, barrels will sky rocket in price an the world will collapse like never before. We currently have no...
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    Show me the money.

    Maybe so but as domestic work goes.. can’t see much changing for the spreads. Costumers have leaned a lot more into plastering again rather taping! Only pleb joiners still doing taping the greedy c**ts. Amount of joiners ask me to do something but they tape. f**k off. Fell out with loads.
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    Techniques and timings

    Only thing I sponge is the customer
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    End of year returns

    I’m running this page on the dark web with private vpn on duck duck go llf!
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    End of year returns

    Ah right ok. So if you’ve been in business for 5 years or so..hmrc expect you to be making the same as the business who’s say been established for 10 plus years? Most guys are starting business run for 3/5 years an closing down an start up again.
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    Basecoat waterproofing too strong

    how unearth is the waterproofer too strong.. how did that happen
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    End of year returns

    I know of people who took mega bounce back loads an are not intending on paying them back! £30/50K I’m sure hmrc will have there hands full chasing these guys before they look into a local plasterer who earns under 30k a year. Grant wise, was it £7500 capped.. how they going to prove you never...
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    End of year returns

    I noticed when the 4th grant came available an when applying it said something about checking bank accounts etc an that never happened on the first 3. I believe it’s a fear tactic but I’m terrified of Covid an just can’t chance working in anyone’s homes. It’s just far to scary. My minds been all...
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    The fights set!

    It’s a disgrace they are holding it in Saudi! Two British fighters an not fighting on there home turf is a outrage. Be funny to see Tyson demolish glass josh though ha! Wilders coming back also so can’t even see josh beating wilder if it happens.
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    I hardly ever work on new builds. Sprit level or sometimes the trust worthy eye levels do better when other things are off. Cant use sprit levels all the time. Just google them, I can’t remember where I last got mine. Was a local shop but plenty online. The pin ones are good but sometimes you...
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    Plastic pinned hammer fixings. All day every day! Anything else is slow an a pain in the arse. Get the sds out an batter on! Best fixing an no f**k**g about. Dabbing on is cowboy stuff.