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    Claim to fame

    Worked on the film King Arthur ray winston was in it
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    Work Footwear

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    Wet dash

    Fire away no bother
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    Some customers

    Priced job two weeks ago builder rang said owner got somebody to do upstairs bedrooms asked if I could still do the rest stair wall rsj patching shitty bits pfffft
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    Newbie wannabe Birmingham

    Wtf 10 days best of luck
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    Topcoat render won't stick

    What about giving it a good coat of scudding?
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    Sorry can.t find post . Speed skim. Advice

    Able to get the 900 in Dublin now imo better to use
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    Customer changed his mind

    Think the way you said just to be sure
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    Insulated board fixings?

    U can get heads that clip in supposed to stop cold bridge ??
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    on my own

    Nice tidy job
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    Silk plaster ?

    How's things lads just wondering if anyone has used this silk plaster instead of wallpaper had a few inquires lately looks easy enough thanks in advance