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    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    What I'd do if I could be bothered the hassle of getting a squad together. Sub work long as the firm isn't taking the piss with their rates. Turn up, do the work get paid. No fanning about sheeting up etc
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    Left handed trowels

    I've been struggling with them right handed trowels for years. Takes ages to get em right
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    Render strength

    Seems to cause eggshelling when the scratch is too strong
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    Render strength

    Bag to 16 shovels scratch Bag to 20 shovels rubbing coat
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    Help - is my rendering that bad - (Johnstone's Silicone)?

    Do you think it's a bad job? Who's told you it's not good. Have you looked at it and realised its not great or are you happy enough but someone's pointed it out. For the record. It's not a good job at all. 2 thin scraped back to the first coat by looks it.
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    Which plastering job is better and why?

    Did wolverine from the x-men sneak in on your tea and claw all Over that back wall and the slopey ceiling bit?
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    Looking to have your home rendered

    Also on the point of til his thread, by the time said customers see this, it will probably be too late for most tend to come on after it been ballsed up
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    Looking to have your home rendered

    Nah you don't need a machine to render. And proper rubbed up house or dashed with window bands, projective base and corner bands looks nicer to me than that thin coat stuff in my opinion.
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    Remind Me Who's in Ireland

    Ah you'll be fit for it stevieo. What ways it finished. Sand cement rubbed smooth?
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    Carlite ultra finish

    Irish gypsum mines/factories instead of the British gypsum ones?
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    Any advice on how to fix this?

    I'd be surprised if they go back.
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    Any advice on how to fix this?

    Redo it. Or put up with it.
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    Government grants

    Can you claim it if you're still working? They not look at it like you're doing the double and end up hunting you for it?
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    Government grants

    Might be harder for us to get this one I'd say this could be for more hairdressers etc that's been told.To stay at home still. Weve been told to go back so we mightnt qualify? Or at least as easily