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    ewi domestic rates

    I don't want to establish a fixed rate just a bottom and top end price the going rates I don't want to know what other people charge
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    ewi domestic rates

    Full system including cills materials cost me £25m2
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    Looking for a chance in the black country/midlands

    Try MTP Contracts ask for Matt Tromans he over your way I travel down to do his Rendering but he a plastering contractor nice bloke
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    Looking for a chance in the black country/midlands

    Where abouts in the backcountry are you from I'm walsall born and bred shame I live Scotland
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    Render with silcon top coat

    Wbs ltd premium scrim adhesive with textured finish, £8.34 a bag plus vat does you 3m2 texture is £54 plus vat in white I would charge £35m2
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    ewi domestic rates

    No vat on top that's just the basic rate mentioned
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    ewi domestic rates

    Oh and I drive a Nissan juke dig t, quick but not a Ferrari lol
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    ewi domestic rates

    Supply and fix I come in at £60 not including scaffold and that clears me over £200 a day once every thing paid etc
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    ewi domestic rates

    What's the go between rates for EWI on domestic jobs, I know what I charge and I make good money but I want to get an idea as to where I fall in the sales spectrum ie cheap or too expensive. Understand that thickness in board changes the price etc so for arguments sake say 90mm eps boards...
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    I had an idea about 10 years ago of adhesive scrim tape half a metre wide mesh the entire wall then plaster, didn't need to pva or fill holes and would stop any cracks when over skimming and it was like plastering onto board didn't go off quick etc, was a goodbye to pva but never followed it up
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    Pricing Work..

    I think you all need to cut the kid some slack if you got nothing positive to say don't reply, a good start would be 100 a day gives you a basic salary then slowly up your price, or charge a metre I get £8m2 in Scotland with supply Wales is less try £6
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    baumit edelputz spezial thin coat textured render

    Has anyone used this if so what's it like as a cheap alternative to silicone textured finish
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    its ok and its cheap £6 a bag does 2m2
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    Acrylic Render

    just an update finally got my samples in and parex seems to look the best so will give that a try has anyone bought off parex before?
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    well i was planning on having extra mature cheddar on toast but not so sure now after reading beddy's comment lol