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    Job in France 50min from Calais 20 min from la Touquet.

    Hi guys Mike has been in discussions with myself (Knauf Aquapanel Technical Manager Uk) ref this job. I advised he should consider looking for UK labour for this project on TPF…. Mike is British We have discussed the fact that the Knauf Aquapanel Exterior boards on this project have been up...
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    Render on timber?

    hi feel free to drop me a mail and I will send you some details of how to correctly apply a render carrier board to a timber frame As Owls says above, you need a sheathing board and breather membrane to the current structure. The vertical battens tower create a drained and ventilated (top and...
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    Render carrier board

    Do not use drywall screws outside... over time they will rust (especially if covered in a render) will end up with rust spots coming through, and maybe have the soffit boards fall if the corrode too much...
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    What would you do here

    Hi buddy I can help and give assistance for this application... all of the advice so far is sound (except Danny’s original post - just no comment... at least he removed and sorted in the end), and your comments ref timber well founded... There are various options: timber or inert noggin within...
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    Advice regarding metal studs prior to plasterboard.

    45 mm studs....? That sounds like ceiling track....
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    Full thin coat render price

    There are in excess of 25 Uk based render system suppliers - all supplying thin coat renders.... all very similar, but subtly different... all different specs and price ranges Sooooo many variables - sub-straights and finishes and colours and locations and ...etc, etc.... and you want a price...
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    Determining the dormer render finish

    Hello buddy what @themucky1 has said is correct.... now that you have the roof tiles on, the only way to make good is by taking off the boards to do the remedial works - you really MUST do this before you put a render on.... Not withstanding the board issues (go search MGO boards - you have...
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    Anyone need help in Hampshire

    @Dansouthcoast84 been looking....? Hampshire is a tiny county... probably a neighbour....
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    Mono v thin coat colour difference

    Mono will absorb light and thin coat will reflect it It probably is the same colour... but different textures and finishes....
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Go right to the top of the A34.... turn right next to the McDonalds next to Tesco, and then right at the next roundabout ....not sure how I remember that...? Ahem...
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Each to their own... this site has all the different build methods and finishes all on one site.... I’d go with a mix of cladding finishes TBH
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Right next to the Bicester Village shopping complex Take Mrs Dan up... have a look and hand your cards around... then treat Mrs Dan to the shopping complex (expensive fashion complex really...)
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Yeah - biggest site of self build units in the UK Huge development site... had GrandDesigns - The Street on it close to the beginning of the development can buy a plot with planning, the development owner supplies all services to the plot and leave you to it small developers can buy a series...
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    This was one of them....