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    Need help with Airless spraying

    Hi buddy my colleague Clive (@quinns) will be in to help soon - he is the Knauf Finishing Specialist and can help with machines, demos and training for Knauf Airless products as Danny has already advised, it can be used onto virgin board and putty much any other walling surface what do you...
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    Render failure

    Phew.... glad you thought that too.... Company policy marra - sorry I’ll Bell ya next week.. with the weather changing, must be breakfast time!
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    Render failure

    Hi bud Knauf Aquapanel Outdoor is not waterproof, but water resistant. Water can enter and exit the Knauf Aquapanel in a similar way to blockwork, and yet it remains stable and should not have moderne render products delaminate Knauf Aquapanel Outdoor is a board designed specifically as a...
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    Render failure

    Hi Malc (all) Knauf Aquapanel Outdoor recommends the smooth side out for rendering, as the rough side has the batch number on it.... in reality, it does not matter which side you render to Most of the render system suppliers (and the BBA) have tested both sides and get identical delamination...
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    Render failure

    Hi guys It is not Knauf policy to comment on an open forum..... please do not push on this... I’ve been off for a few days, but know nothing at all about this project, so I assume it is not a Knauf Aquapanel Outdoor application.... but, I may find out later in the week It is a lovely looking...
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    Hello buddy Welcome along!!
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    Boards out of square

    Hi there All Gypsum boards are manufactured to the same standards in the UK.... BS : EN something.... among loads of other performance tolerances and standards, this confirms board size tolerances If you have a board that you believe is out of tolerance, the first thing you should do is get in...
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    Jub Nano or STO Lotusan

    Hi Bud Your post would of been better in the Render section Someone like @owls or @Dansouthcoast84 or @malc or several others will help (Sorry to the others I missed) The 2you have mentioned are good for what you are looking for, other render companies have similar... sealed mono is ok for...
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    Lime Plastering to Timber Framed Cottage

    Welcome to the site bud Based on exactly where you are... @essexandy will be a good start! Good luck
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    taping and filling - courses

    Knauf also run training at some of their dealers.... so if you are nowhere near the training centres, if there is enough interest we will set up training and demos at a local dealer
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    taping and filling - courses

    Hi buddy I’m Richard Lord from Knauf Knauf have 2 training centres, Sittingbourne in Kent and Immingham in North Lincolnshire, and run training in a broad range of drywall systems, taping and jointing, ready mixed plastering and external render (plus loads more). Knauf also have technical...
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    First try at thincoat

    Roger that See if anyone local responds.... I know some guys in and around Nottingham, Derby and S Yorks... Have you liaised with Shaun Moss at Johnstone’s directly?
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    First try at thincoat

    All part of the experience... you are right there is a lot of prep needed and protection There is an art to the initial application, then the rub up does not end up with so much on the floor.... this is waste material and cost on the floor... You are right about the tools, lots of cleaning the...