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    What would you do here

    Hi buddy I can help and give assistance for this application... all of the advice so far is sound (except Danny’s original post - just no comment... at least he removed and sorted in the end), and your comments ref timber well founded... There are various options: timber or inert noggin within...
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    Advice regarding metal studs prior to plasterboard.

    45 mm studs....? That sounds like ceiling track....
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    Full thin coat render price

    There are in excess of 25 Uk based render system suppliers - all supplying thin coat renders.... all very similar, but subtly different... all different specs and price ranges Sooooo many variables - sub-straights and finishes and colours and locations and ...etc, etc.... and you want a price...
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    Determining the dormer render finish

    Hello buddy what @themucky1 has said is correct.... now that you have the roof tiles on, the only way to make good is by taking off the boards to do the remedial works - you really MUST do this before you put a render on.... Not withstanding the board issues (go search MGO boards - you have...
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    Anyone need help in Hampshire

    @Dansouthcoast84 been looking....? Hampshire is a tiny county... probably a neighbour....
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    Mono v thin coat colour difference

    Mono will absorb light and thin coat will reflect it It probably is the same colour... but different textures and finishes....
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Go right to the top of the A34.... turn right next to the McDonalds next to Tesco, and then right at the next roundabout ....not sure how I remember that...? Ahem...
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Each to their own... this site has all the different build methods and finishes all on one site.... I’d go with a mix of cladding finishes TBH
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Right next to the Bicester Village shopping complex Take Mrs Dan up... have a look and hand your cards around... then treat Mrs Dan to the shopping complex (expensive fashion complex really...)
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Yeah - biggest site of self build units in the UK Huge development site... had GrandDesigns - The Street on it close to the beginning of the development can buy a plot with planning, the development owner supplies all services to the plot and leave you to it small developers can buy a series...
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    This was one of them....
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    Rendering quote Bicester

    Been involved on a lot of builds on Graven Hill... great site!! You can definitely can see those who have spent on the outside from those who have not on this development! 7 billion people in the world - OK, not all in the Uk - but more people will see the outside of the house than the...
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    Aqua panel question..

    Hi Oli which TP Branch? I will arrange for someone to bell them for some training... Knauf don’t want failures or problems...
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    Aqua panel question..

    Knauf Aquapanel boards are NOT waterproof - they are water resistant (un-effected by water)... they will suck up water, then let it go again without being effected at all also - DO NOT use gypsum dab adhesive... same issues as gypsum skim... ....use tile adhesive and drill and rawl plug and...