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    Australian Emmigration

    a couple of my friends emigrated to Oz 2 years ago, they used a company called ASA, they said they were very good, have a look at their website you can do a free tradepersons skills assessment  hope this helps
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    I was asking my accountatnt about being vat registered, he told me if you are you have to charge vat to your customers, which will result in you being expensive & not getting the work, sole trader is definitley the way to go.
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    finished the 10 day course friday just gone, great bunch of blokes, you'll learn loads, be prepared for an aching arm, got 3 ceilings lined up so far, got plaster in my eye in the second week, bloody sore, only feeling better today, so wear glasses on the ceilings untill you get confident, they...
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    Hey Danny..............

    dannys website is
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    gold trowel

    Nice one danny cheers, been watching the films, cant wait to get started!
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    gold trowel

    Starting the Gold trowel 10 day certified course in april, any advice prior to staring would be appreciated, cheers routs.
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    Good luck with the course Dave, I'll be doing a course hopefully in feb, so it'll be good to know how yours go, keep us posted,cheers routs
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    10 day course

    cheers trowledover
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    10 day course

    Hi all, I've been checking out some 10 day courses (gold trowel, hawk & trowel etc) I'm a tiler myself and often when taking tiles off the plaster comes away or clients have damaged it themselves, also i have recently done some property developing which went well and will be looking to do more...
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    building skills centre or hawk & trowel

    Hi all, Im routs a tiler from eastbourne and am wanting to do a plastering course as a lot of clients are always asking me for a plasterers number, so i might as well do both jobs. I've seen a couple of courses that seem to fit the bill, Hawk & trowel in brighton near to me and building skills...