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    Thistle Trowel???

    I take it all back, I didn't like this trowel so i used it for scraping floors ,cleaning things, drylining with that orrible adhesive,rendering screeding and general abuse and hey, it's broken in . Luckily i didn't bend it and i quite like it now.
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    Thistle stainless finishing trowel for skimmerRob

    Well well , what can i say about this little beastie. I purchased this in 12"/ 300mm to go with my 14" trowel for smaller areas. This trowel looks the part,has an excellent handle, it feels really good in your hand ,it's tough and reasonably light and well balanced ...but it is stiffer than a...
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    "Hartwig" trowels anybody

    After 4 months i feel i can now review these trowels a little better. Lets start with the 14x5. Personally i found the handles of both trowels a little fat for my girl like hands and the trowel is extra wide at 130mm and it is heavy at 500grams. You can lay a big dollop of multi finish in a...
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    Thistle Trowel???

    I have one, it is 300mm long, stiff as **** and leaves lines everywhere . Good for cleaning the spot board off.
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    New paddle mixer

    I had a belle 1600 and it burn't out . i have a refina m22 , look around net for eibenstock ( same refina) to get a good price £295? as it's in a different league to the belle imo. smoother ,lighter,, better quality that lasts. You will own it for many years
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    magic mitre

    does that work if the ceilings are diving up and down too? i hate coving
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    effin cats

    just completed a domestic at 6.30pm :RpS_cursing: overskim covering extremely uneven artex , some falling away, millions of crap to be shifted around,water tap miles away, couldn't swing a cat in there, which is a shame as the old lady had 7 cats! and 2 dogs. It stunk. Worse of all one cat...
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    wise words.... so i spent and alternate between 3 pairs. 1. JCB Drivemaster 2. Fortec Boulders V12.. 3. Castleman American loggers. All have a steel plate in the sole for nails. 1&2 have steel toecaps and 3 have a very strong plastic toecap and come up to my calfs. All are reasonably comfortable...
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    today's a good day

    I believe so too. I have a good mechanic I've known a long time. He does any work on my van. Now ,he is very good at anything to do with auto,s...from electrics to welding ,engineering to spraying,diagnostics to vehicle upholstery,trucks to bikes. Shouldn't we be the same with a house/building...
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    today's a good day

    dovetails? .life's too short:RpS_biggrin:
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    today's a good day

    I understand that,I wouldn't attempt a kitchen. I put new bearings in my washing machine though ,it's spinning like a top:RpS_thumbsup: what about the phrase "how hard can it be?"
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    today's a good day

    I own some spanners & bearing pullers too.I split open & completely rebuilt a BMW motorcycle clutch and transmission a couple of years ago which went on to do a tour around France, it's not rocket science is it.:RpS_laugh: Man can do anything if he applies himself with the right attitude dude.
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    today's a good day

    seriously, i've been doing some general building work lately and i needed a power saw.
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    today's a good day

    what's the fun in that?
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    today's a good day

    Finished at 7.15pm last night, next job starts tomorrow so off to builders merchants today where I have been coveting a circular saw, running my hands over her, making googoo eyes, wishing she was in my arms .But today was different as I let the moths fly and the new Evolution Fury came home...