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    Dewalt t stak dab radio

    Your be buying the dewalt cordless dildo next, get a life/hobby then buying work tools u sad act loool
  2. Ritch


    Went down again today/tonight fished the low, insane amount of fish in there at the mo, had 6 good bass ,a 5 pounder and some 2-3 pound, then hooked a massive 10plus but snapped the line drag was too tight
  3. Ritch

    tape and joint project

    I was talking about the £3 site rate defo earn more on a fiver and a massive hotel
  4. Ritch


    Awesome for bass fishing in the estuary at the min, we had 4 this size the othernight
  5. Ritch

    tape and joint project

    Good taper earn easily £1500-£2000 a week on that rate, sickening really when it’s barely a trade lol
  6. Ritch

    tape and joint project

    £5 a square, good coin with tons of metres to go at. nice job for some sweaty not @Casper tho loool
  7. Ritch

    Reboard Options

    He’s defo not doing well skimming crack dens u fool, the blokes a waffle I feel sorry for his misses loooool
  8. Ritch

    Thanks again fatha

    Crack city written all over that, I hate a media wall soo s**t/tacky, what if u want to change/redesign your room lol
  9. Ritch


    It was a joke u massive lump, keep waffling Thor looooooooooool
  10. Ritch


    Name a bud stop, I’ll speak with eddy and see if we can make it a paper view loooool
  11. Ritch

    2 people on a machine

    Careful your have a ccj against u, if u start punching holes in duct tape looooool
  12. Ritch

    Bristol based (north)

    Your going soft , try skimming crack dens off steps like Casper, then u know what dying’s like loooool
  13. Ritch

    Skimming over SBR

    That was quite funny for u, u ruff old sock
  14. Ritch

    2 people on a machine

    Real United, loved the bin dippers getting Skanked total bottle jobs loooooooooool