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    Mesh and skim steel beams

    Greek - South African = Albanian
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    Heart problems

    Thought I had stumbled onto face book
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    Soot stains

    Belt and braces job this one soot is hygroscopic (I think that's the word) it keeps sucking up water in the atmosphere and reactivating. Just skimming will reactivate it. Maybe a hit and miss vent in the chimney if it is redundant. Salt inhibitor etc.
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    water quality

    Good question no idea on the answer though
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    Meshing a winder staircase - prone to cracking?

    @Josh76 sounds like a bit of a nob to me. Probably been an insufferable fusspot throughout. The tradesman told you he could not guarantee movement on the staircase there is no need for a second opinion from others who are not doing the work, never seen the work. Bunch of fishwifes the lot of you!
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    Old style plasterers labourer

    Wear sunscreen and look after your knees
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    Just boycott them they'll soon close down
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    Dot and Dab Gap

    Overthinking it ... Strip the wall ... Cut the laminate back circular saw chalk line multi tool for awkward bits ... Stick the boards on foam the gaps chuck a few 100mm pbscrews in red plugs ... Grip fill the skirting back ... Skim away
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    When you say polish do you mean the reflection or a polski?
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    I'm getting confused now ... Is this relative
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    If in doubt bond it out

    Geg? Never heard that before
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    Building on top of single brick

    Yeh just get on we it
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    The sad, but true future of modern rendering

    I quite like it ... Is that a jag parked on double yellow?
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    Joint filler

    Are gyproc part of the saint gobain group?
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    Joint filler

    Good first post