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    spraying at british Gypsum

    ive seen the small pump, but with a bucket coat set up (hose and gun) what hose did you use and what gun? was it a thin garden hose like one or the thicker 19mm black one? and was it just the small silver lance spray gun used to spray? i think it needs a better gun as refina dont currently...
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    EZE 24 how good are they?

    @Priceplastering Dont be upset , its only plastering , i was just trying to blend in with the rest of the forum by being a negative troll. :-)
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    EZE 24 how good are they?

    no quite, just maybe the pump in some good action rather than some guy applying render very slolwy in a lazy looking way, and then the camara guy showing all what you have not done so far.
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    EZE 24 how good are they?

    that video was as helpful as a doorstop in an archway.
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    1 coat skimming with supaflex

    done this for a year... did it on my house.... found out why its a no go. makes the surface skim brittle and weak almost dusty, once painted even when primed the paint bond is poor and can damage easy and pull away . After finding this to be true i went back to doing 2 coats with no issue.
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    Super flex review

    Yes it sure does, but the fact we can control a large amount of skim very easily, work on it while wet and finish with a perfect finish and no water needed . And go home full off energy! The old way works, this new way moves on the game. Give it a try, im just sharing my tried and tested...
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    Super flex review

    This is what ive always said, with the spats also, and i own all the tools and have done for years. The best way i have found is to speedskim your laying on, this removes lines in a way that will not show once painted, unlike the flexi spats and trowels that give the impression of a flat wall...
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    yes ive been using it on weber OCR
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    This new dimond faced float is the best. lets you get on the wall alot sooner with little grab.
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    00098656 Bag squeezer for PFT RITMO cpl

    19mm hose seems big!
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    weber ocr this time of year

    new block work, no sun
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    weber ocr this time of year

    did 30bags yesterday and spread 5L of accelerator over the mixes. had a few issues and sprayed on at 2pm ish we stayed floating until 9.30pm! back in today and all on by 11am and left at 6pm! hate floating this end of the year, prefer scratch back or spraying 1.5 bucket coats.
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    acrylic thin coat

    or you could get around most of the problems by Spraying the topcoats.... you can spray in the sun... can do large area with 2/3 people also you can stop if needed and spray back into your last area another day. lots of taping and wrapping up but a uniform finish with out so many restrictions...
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    Wagner PC830

    £3500£3800 inc