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    So anyone had any new deliveries of plaster yet?????

    travis had 2 pallets gone within a hour
  2. plastererpeter

    Top forum lad of week award

    Treat yourself to a new van
  3. plastererpeter

    Beads stuck on with dab? Render

    Seen people put them on with bonding
  4. plastererpeter

    Lime in top coat or waterproofer?

    Allways lime rubbed up so much better
  5. plastererpeter

    Patching ceiling

    Sun is a demo
  6. plastererpeter

    Top forum lad of week award

    Glad I got some stock like gold dust
  7. plastererpeter

    Plastering stilts

    Got mine from Romford tools
  8. plastererpeter

    What PVA

    This 1
  9. plastererpeter

    What PVA

    red tubs of pva are the best
  10. plastererpeter

    Who's working? (poll not argument)

    Not really worked since Christmas dill to ill health
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    Free trowel

    Good floor scraper that about it
  12. plastererpeter

    Plasterers wanted.

    Day rate £120 less tax
  13. plastererpeter

    NELA Black Edition

    should get 1 free amount of trowels I bought