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    Private Number Plate.

    got a Sivler transit but no private plate
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    Sound system

    kef set up
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    Van finance

    nice van
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    Van finance

    same as mine
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    Pamic buying materials yet?

    got spare room full up
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    Padded straps for stilts

    great shop like a kid in a sweet shop when in there
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    Padded straps for stilts

    got mine from Romford tools
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    Time for another van

    Had a vito 10 years traded it in 4 transit custom sport bit bigger inside new vitos areRenault engines
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    Render strength

    4 +1 scratch 5 + 1 top. Coat
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    Sourcing Plaster....

    local Travis has loads pre order 12 per customer
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    So anyone had any new deliveries of plaster yet?????

    travis had 2 pallets gone within a hour
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    Top forum lad of week award

    Treat yourself to a new van