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    First attempt at venetian plaster

    Looks real smart, did you do the 3D wave effect in the room behind too? Or are they pre formed panels
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    apprentice skills

    Shadow him, instead of letting him do it alone at first. I've got an apprentice at the moment working towards his level 3, his skimming ok but everything else needs work. When dabbing I give him a wall to do and il do the other 3 so I'm there if he wants some advice and I can check what he's...
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    My Mural Business

    Pics are on now, nice job
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    My Mural Business

    Same here can't find the album ? ? Good luck with it though
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    New kid on the Block

    You planning to work on domestic or site work? As already mentioned word of mouth recommendations are the best and these have to be earned by being good at your job so leave the customer happy with the best finish your ability will allow and a clean tidy job, they can't ask for much more than...
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    First Venetian job

    Where did you train mate?
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    How would you tackle this?

    Try best of both, dab furring bar to the wall and fix boards to them, saw this method in the BG white book...?
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    MP Finish

    MP takes longer to set and is a lot easier on the arm IMO. Lovely stuff to use once you know how
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    New Website

    EXPLAIN! How a six week course and a "few" completed jobs for friends and family makes you a " well established and reputable plastering business" your photo on your website is not good the skimmed ceiling looks shite filled with troweling fat and water can you learn "all aspects of...
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    wat van to go for

    Where are you from? One of the lads who works for me is selling his connect, think its done bout 100k miles and wants bout £2000 he lives midlands
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    Like for like

    @Captaincaveman like done mate
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    Like for like

    @warriorupnorth like returned
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    Like for like!/pages/Topspec-Interiors-Ltd-Dry-Lining-and-Plastering-specialists/154365934600060 Let me know if this link works please.....
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    british gypsum spray day

    Ok sound just let me know where and when. You can contact me on 07880506509 (Rich)