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    Webber lac

    i found that it takes a great float the same day when i bed the mesh on then lay on the 2nd coat the mineralwool is fixed ridgid so no probs there mate just pissed off with the do it this way then do it that way,i dont think webber make 6mm compression beads so were making a job out of what they...
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    Webber lac

    Any one ever used webber {lac) light weight adhesive coat over a minerall wool system? the rep said a 6mm coat for this system max and then sends out a 10mm expansion bead that must be used with this system,he then said 10mm will be okay, i,m going to have to coat out to the 10mm bead for an...
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    Working down under

    Been offline for a bit, mate been in melbourne 6 years ago piss dosh my mate was there this year and without proper id no chance of a job, work was steady but for established guys only
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    Who can spray/apply weathby or STO render?

    Hi mate I,m a superviser at the mo for a co in Glasgow and i,ve been well impressed, they spray all render scratch k rend, and also backgrounds for sto texture and dashing, i,ve been on domestics for around 6years and been a wee bit caught out at the advancement of these machines, but got to...
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    some people are nuts

    Sounds like my old man as well, thing is 2 hits and he wants full whack cash wise, is your old man the same? :-\
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    Methinks your right when i see that guff on a plasterers forum ;D
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    Window cleaning plasterer

    I know what you mean Richard been there as well but these guys give us such a bad name
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    Window cleaning plasterer

    6 months ago the wife told me the window cleaner packed in and got a new one, big deal, i drove pass my old cleaner today and he,s sitting in the van all sign written saying INTERNAL PLASTERER, Skimmimg, Bonding, Plastering. What a load of b*ll***s but i suppose Mrs Smith might fall for it, i...
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    Hi mate i,m from Irvine but got to say not too keen on this irish provo SHITE >:( that followed your post
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    Carlite Bonding

    I,m not saying i,m right or wrong i just wandered what other spreads preferred, IE a bit of both
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    Carlite Bonding

    Started plastering an old farmhouse that had been re-plasterboarded, the re-boarding in sections was piss poor so client agrees to pay extra to bond out the poor sections, now i like to float the bonding once trowelled, 2mm screw protruding max and my old man whos 61 started slaughtering me, so...
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    yep for joiners re name them vajoiners ;D
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    Dont mean to sound soft here lads, but i,ve been working with the hardwall for 2 weeks now first time in about 5 years after doing private work, my hands are bone dry and full of cracks, any one reccomend a cream for the old hands there nipping like F/?K dont laugh guys i,m serious my hands nip...
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    What would you do?

    I,ve tried to be polite with regards to increases but the couple wont move and keep on about the recession, it was a recommendation job from a previous client but i feel like saying F./K off
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    english weather

    you want to see the weather up here tonight Kirk i,m just outside Glasgow pilling down with snow :'(