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    Are you a selfharmer? I do understand it’s a tough world out there so if there’s anything you’d like to talk about I’m happy to give you a shoulder
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    I’m sure I had the APP for my iPhone before but can’t find it anymore have I missed something? Or does anyone have a link?
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    Taking a nic from my Nela super flex

    Best way to get nic from my Nela?
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    floating hardwall

    Guys after ruling can I scratch the hard wall with one of the square tipped scratchers? No silliness please lol
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    First time

    Thanks one stop dan said he'll give you a call little later! Pftwales I never spoke with the rep it was lead bitter that called him I've read the spek on BG and it states it can be sprayed thanks guys
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    First time

    Fuming sprayed 1000's of metres of sound coat 4 months ago the main contractors have been in touch and say it blown off the walls! BG rep has been out and say you can't spray it on but it doesn't say this on the bag . Also when we did it the roof was off no windows or doors and my guess is...
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    kraft trowels

    I brought one about a year ago handle was massive on it so changed it to a Marshall one it did take a long time to break in but works well now all I will say is use the kraft on a set the use a Marshall and the weight difference is pretty big so it's ok if your Mickey Mouse like me lol
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    Scrim tape gun

    @onestop do you sale um?
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    Scrim tape gun

    Jean clude just like that where do I get one!
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    Scrim tape gun

    Seen a guy couple of weeks ago with a gun to apply fibreglass scrim am I missing something here or has he just made it himself?
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas to all and a great new year
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    1 coat skimming with supaflex

    I was always two coat till about 6 months ago when I joint another gang and they showed me a magic sponge it will only save you about a hour a day tbh but I only use this method on board ! Lay on,flatten,sponge,flatten,NELA
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    Xmas tree

    You seem to know a lot about Xmas trees
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    Xmas tree

    I got a spare bag of bonding and a bucket of hot water mix um both together and we know what happens I wanna know if the bonding will kill my tree?
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    plastering of ceilings

    Put a couple of ceilings on yesterday on my stilts problem was still abit pissed from night before not to self don't try it again (nearly killed myself)