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    At a rough guess I would say the reason you shouldn’t is simple, to stop the potential spread of a potentially deadly virus, but if ppl want to work there’s nothing stopping them, apart from the fact they either may unknowingly be carrying the virus or working somewhere with somebody who has it...
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    Naughty media - Coronavirus Covid19

    I didn’t say you can’t debate but spouting utter nonsense doesn’t do anyone any good really, debate all you want, but stop the nonsense I’m sure all the people sunbathing and flouting the rules put in place for our own good will be the exact same people who will cry when they get the virus or a...
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    Naughty media - Coronavirus Covid19

    Why do people keep quoting the numbers of cases, this is just confirmed cases, those that have been tested, there are thousands more that either have it, just got it or are getting over it, these are the people who have carried on normal life and continued the spread, The answer unfortunately...
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    The great (British) escape.

    And you really think Europe will still not have its fingers in our policies, some how doubt we will ever be totally free of Brussels
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    Pure finish

    Thanks for the responses, 50 years it is then
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    new tape measure

    Has everything you think of got bits cut out of it?
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    Pure finish

    Can’t seem to find a definitive answer to a question asked today by a customer, they enquired about pure finish and wanted to know how long this product actively removes the VOC’s from the atmosphere, his point being that everything has a saturation point , meaning that it will no longer work-in...
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    hmmm whats your thoughts

    thats 2.5 minutes I will never get back. Surely it’s quicker to cut the board to the correct size, just saying
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    Problem with plaster - bumps and blowing

    That’s absolutely terrible work, he needs to come back and sort that out.
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    Who’s back in business tomorrow

    Supposed to be back tomorrow but just cracked a tooth in half so will now be sat in dentist, waiting and waiting. Bloody face come up like a balloon as well, whisky and paracetamol tonight for me
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    10 rolls of 25 meter long roll and stroll for carpets

    Still available if anyone interested
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    10 rolls of 25 meter long roll and stroll for carpets

    Got 10 rolls spare if anyone’s interested , everbuild yellow rolls , collection only from skelmersdale, £55
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    cscs card

    You can always ring up the CSCS ppl tell them u have lost your card and they send you a new one out cost me 30 quid for the replacement but it was valid for another 5 years , saved sitting and paying for the health and safety test
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    Does this need re-skimming

    Excellent work that, no need to complain , As long as you have plenty of time to fill it sand it and then maybe get someone who knows what they are doing, as whoever did that definitely isn’t a plasterer!
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    Tool insurance

    That’s a valid point, would probably be better putting the premiums in a savings account as a just in case fund,