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    Hand formed

    Top job that, any before pics?
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    Is everyone a f**k**g plastererer

    Think of it as a positive @lurpak my old spreadable chum; the more incompetent halfwits there are out there messing up people's homes the more the public will look towards professional looking tradesfolk with a good reputation hence ; being said latter tradesperson the more you can charge
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    Hello lukercunts

    YouTube @algeeman , it's a piece of pish
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    My hero

    I've only met two ambidextrous plasterers in my career
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    Ox speedskim

    This was before they made the 900
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    Little before and after

    Nice work @Topspread16 wouldn't expect any less.
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    Ox speedskim

    I didn't get on with the 1200 and found the 600 a bit too small, 950 felt like a happy medium. I think it boils down to your own style and physicality. I'm tempted to go to 1050 . I'm just waiting to see if @Bryan from @wanstapshap will be releasing anything new.
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    Ox speedskim

    Get it dead central my buttery friend then leave it there for all time
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    Ox speedskim

    I say customized, I basically cut a 1200 down to 950, key to it is having the pole attachment fixed dead dead centre (mine is permanently screwed on)
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    Lol, I get this often... ....."Hi Oli it's Dave you plastered a room for me a couple of years ago, how are you ?" ..............."oh hi Dave, you'll have to remind me, memories fading as Im getting on haha" ........"ah it was the one with the ceiling and four walls.... ........ah course
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    Ox speedskim

    I absolutely love the speedskim, combined with the @zombie mix over artex is an absolute dream . I use a customized 950 , well worn in , prefer it on low suction walls
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    Taking pics

    Do what the pros do; take lots and lots of pics then pick the one that works
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    Can finally say ive done it

    the Bill Oddie :numberone::D that's all I'm going to call mine from now on
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    New trowel

    What does the the G stand for Just ask for Bryan
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    New trowel

    Birmingnam Debanaam?