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    Colour help

    No bud, why don't you ask them to send you out a colour chart
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    Recommend renderer? Swansea area

    I've been asked loads of times ; "whereabouts in Newcastle are you from?" :aburrido: "Llanelli " I reply with loads of emphasis on the LL :coffe:
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    Recommend renderer? Swansea area

    @Smudger1 is your man
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    Hi all.

    Now that's what you call an intro, welcome along.
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    Hello..... Newby

    Welcome along
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    Best trowel end of !

    :risas2: your not even a plasterer
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    go on Hancock

    Best fake account ever :risas2:
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    The f**k**g sun

    Keep working at it, you'll get there :cool:
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    Sciatica ….

    Make a habit/routine of drinking plenty , start those supplements and don't stop. I feel better now physically than I did ten years ago
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    Sciatica ….

    Mine hasn't come back touch wood, I religiously take supplements and drink loads of water
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    Sciatica ….

    Lot of feedback in that thread when I had a long bout of it, I found an inversion table helped
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    Sciatica ….
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    Top coat

    Sand and cement, rest is overpriced rubbish
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    Painfull hands