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    So it's settled then..

    Same here, but for different reasons.. You shake a man's hand, little while later you go for a wee.... ....take penis out.. that man's DNA is on your penis! Whilst walking through park later in the day you pat a dog... go for a wee,. Take penis out.. Dogs DNA is on your...
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    New spread.

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    good weekend ??

    I Did warn you, it's called rattler for a reason :loco: you'll be loose in the morning :LOL:
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    So it's settled then..

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    Top tip!!

    (y) does make sense what your saying, cheeky little pic would of made me moist though
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    Top tip!!

    Did you take any pics?
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    It's been a while, Ox speedskim question.

    s**t was that 8 years , I won mine in that comp too
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    Welcome along, more info please. I love a good intro
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    Hello from Yorkshire

    Welcome along (y)
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    Good evening @Yann , welcome along. How long you been a spread? Do you use flex trowels? Pregrit or pva? Hawk or handboard? Stilts or hopup ? :coffe:
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    Nela black premium elite

    Note to self ; don't Google black midget for sale
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    Nela black premium elite

    No mate I got mine years ago off wanstapshop. Bryan will be able to share a link I'm sure . @Plasterers1StopShop
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    Nela black premium elite

    Trust me mate, these are awesome