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    Multifinish bargain

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    Whos currently working???

    I've stopped, had various jobs postpone so will be there when we're through this. Others I've cancelled and a couple have been a bit shitty. One couple in their late seventies still want me round there.. mental
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    Job blown.

    Do you miss yours ? I forgot which one was yours
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    Estimate on Cost to Plaster a 3 Bed-Semi

    Post of the month right there (y)
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    What's your favourite hop-up, and why? (looking to buy a new one)

    Got a huge collection of hop ups from over the years, personal favourite is the soakaway. Got 2 scaffold boards on floor in van, quick screw into two crates. Not a fan of those aluminium fold out ones
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    New to plasters forum

    Quick question;. Do you think 3d printing will impact the fibrous market? I spoke to a fibrous plasterer and was convinced photo scanning will change the the trade. For example, I plastered a new bathroom that was built in a tall Victorian house. Needed about 4 lm of cornice to match existing...
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    New to plasters forum

    Welcome along, I hope you stick around , sounds like you could add some decent input
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    Plasterboard for sale

    There's some going free near me @John j
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    Never used a poly derby before

    Can always squeeze a little something in :sisi:
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    Never used a poly derby before

    Found it in a skip :rayos:
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    Never used a poly derby before

    I can see that making sense
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    Never used a poly derby before

    Never used one or seen one used . Found this one, :coffe:
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    How would you advise on this render

    That's really interesting Keith, I've always been really really particular with my render mixes, everything always measured and gauged. Always consider the substrate and it's strength. I think a lot has been lost with mortar work; when you see a lab throwing Feb in with no thought :rayos:
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    Happy monday again

    Cheers bud (y)