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    Advice sought for rendering costs for block of flats in NW4

    25k?! Snap his hand off its a bargain!!
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    Any machines for sale please

    Yeah mate I am dogs, dogs s**t but I'm trying to sell myself here and it's nothing a good coping stone and pointing up the dpc won't fix
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    Any machines for sale please

    I'm a rendering machine just feed me bags and il slap it on, I come with a happy ending too for the right price.
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    Advice needed from good renders please

    Cheeky c**t that's fkin terrible, you've paid way too much already nevermind paying anymore.
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    Roughcasting is rough.

    Mate I do rough cast but a mainly a different type monocouche, but i wouldn't be happy putting my name to that it's shite without the marks..
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    Hand balling mono

    You'll be sweet mate just make sure you've got enough on obviously past the bead a good 2mm, put mesh round window if there is any in first coat
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    Render board over pebble dash

    Cladding looks s**t
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    Poor render work.

    The only true way is mono! Did the bloke try and sell you a lurcher and a new tarmac drive aswell by any chance?
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    Rendering on timber/ EML

    Cement boards...