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    work in ireland

    Did u get that message?.
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    Bonding coat over KA Tanking Slurry?

    Don’t go near it if you don’t know what you’re doing and have to ask questions like that.Put your hand in your pocket and pay someone well that does.That’s what they spend years learning and making a living at.You’re penny pinching and looking for free advice to save a poxy few pound and...
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    Basecoat Render

    I suggest having the guts to highlight your issues to them yourself.
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    work in ireland

    Welcome.Things are busy enough in that area.I’ll try and message u a number.
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    Back up mixer

    Yes top class.
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    Removing solid coving

    Should be a law against removing old cornice.
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    Put a big hefty price on jobs like that and take your time at them.
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    Work in Norway

    Out of curiosity what materials do you use there?.
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    Plastering advice please

    It’s a very rough job made worse by the positioning of the lights.
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    I spent a few years learning from one of the best and I’m still going strong 32 years later.Fully registered and tax compliant.And I’d still make a show of most of these qualified lads.You’re judged on the work u do not some piece of paper that says u can do it.
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    What do u need this nvq for?.
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    Getting stuck in

    Best of luck.
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    How much aday for a spread in west of ireland

    I find that hard to believe.
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    Crazing on boundary walls

    It’s common enough.