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    Insurance backed gaurantee's

    And still earning more than you ever did, and I've no idea what I'm doing :coffe:
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    What do you think?

    I pay my labourer more than you get paid. If you're putting on 3 or 4 bags a days for that money you're a muppet
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    who f**ked this one up then?

    Good to know I'm on so many of your minds early on a Sunday :coffe:
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    Questions from a weak plastering novice

    Get a friend or family member to help? Orrrrr employ a plasterer. I can't believe you live in an area without a single plasterer happy to plasterboard a tiny bathroom. It's a few hours work
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    Plastic Arch Bead

    Love the big straight section at the bottom. Really sets a circle off nicely I find
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    Help are own

    Can I take it you won't be donating?
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    Help are own

    Its a piss take of right wing gammons moaning at a few thousand Afghans coming over. Seeing if they can get a few of them to donate without realising. Hence the poor grammar and spelling to try and fit in
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    Help are own

    Because people just want to help are own. No crime in that
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    Help are own

    Definately a worthy cause if you've got a few quid spare. Scandalous we aren't helping are own first
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    Curved ceiling tips

    2 words if I ever get asked to quote that. Too busy
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    Plasterboard falls off

    6 or 7 screws across the width of the board seems fine to me. Its a wind up or he's fired the screws so far through the board they were doing nothing
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    Tyrolene render finish - is this normal?

    As you suspect it's because they haven't removed anything prior. You can see the old finish where the tyrolene stops. Water will be running down behind it.
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    Tyrolene render finish - is this normal?

    Its quite tough to make tyrolene look bad, but full credit to the builder, he's excelled himself
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    Anyone on here from Plymouth?

    I don't believe what you just said exists. The words aren't real. What even are words? Just what someone told us to believe to have meaning. It's all fake
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    Anyone on here from Plymouth?

    No I've never proved a thing to a man who doesn't believe anything he hasn't seen with his own eyes. You are correct