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    Meshing a winder staircase - prone to cracking?

    check out my avatar that was job and a half
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    trowel just enough to get the diamonds
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    expansion beads

    I would just to break it
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    plastering conservatory internal roof

    id skim it in one roll it and get the money and it would look shite hot, incidentally if it was too big to skim in one on my own there would be two of us
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    Should of read conservatory
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    Got them in my phone trying to get them to my computer l could of skimmed that connects ceiling 3 times while I've been fooking around
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    how do you get them on here in a post
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    plastering conservatory internal roof

    did one about 2 months ago rolled the top and 4 hips (if that makes sense ) it was on one of these polycarbonate roof conversions where they tri iso the roof and counter batten id stick a picture on if I new how
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    K rend

    knocked it off and did the job again had a squabble about money because of colour shade spoke to k rend tec and they said gie it time told him to leave till after winter and let it dry properly and we would look at it again.
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    Dry lining or re -plastering damp solid walls in 1930s house?

    delta pt then dab your prefered board or float but sort outside aswell
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    New Build - Dry Lining - Chester Area - 800m2

    if you want a serious price and you know what you want ie speck dates etc im from mcr pm me. im not interested in mtr prices just a straight up price for the job.
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    New Build - Dry Lining - Chester Area - 800m2

    Weirdest thread I've read on here and I've been here since 2007. Sur Bonkers post wtf
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    Anyone's kids into plastering?

    my eldest works with me in 3rd year got his diploma nvq2 etc but the winging is killing me ffs