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    How to deal with this?

    Morning I posted on this the other day but can’t find it…technically incompetent. Anyhoo, what the best way to fill in gaps in photos, where I removed rotten wood? I thought I’d be clever n fix no more ply in to fill it a bit. It turns out render doesn’t like sticking to it so I’m at a loss...
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    Sbr ?

    Thanks for replies
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    Sbr ?

    Morning all I’m filling in some channels between old (sound) render, where rotten decorative wood has been removed. I’m gonna use Weber ocr. I’ve fixed cement board into the channels for good base. Do they need priming? Can I prime with sbr, as I’ve got loads left from another job, or should I...
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    Hairline cracks

    Morning has anyone used the ‘crack tapes’ from USA...tesa etc?Aside from the worry of accidentally ordering crack and getting raided, I wonder if it’s any good? Got hairline cracks in fire boarded Ceilings n really don’t want to skim them as there’s loads in big building. In the past tried...