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    Georgian house pillar base

    Scag that fella
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    Back in the workshop

    that workshop is far to clean!
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    Where to buy silicone materials for casting

    Ring polysil up in hoylake on the wirral. Let them know i sent you and theyll sort you out. Ive used every tom dick and harry for silicone and these are my got o guys
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    Running radius mouldings, expansion issue inner edge curling off the glass bench

    run it on a proper bench I suspect because ts on glass its lifing of very easy, as the plaster sets it swells and often causes movement, being on a proepr bench where its stuck to the bench a bit better might help. ive ran millions of spins and never had it curl as you say, only thing is i dont...
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    Casting plaster

    better late than never?
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    Run cornice in-situ

    I bet they do. We skip thrm all. The cost of 250 is to run a reverse mould on the bench so it can then be cast from. The reverse mould is made of Plaster so no good once of the bench. Running the cornice on the bench defeats the point of casting. So that's why a reverse mould is done so it...
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    mike adams.

    I'm still alive. It wasn't our work as per, we just advised on what may have been in the house and offered samples for them to replicate for the show on the 3d renders. No doubt we probably did the work originally, I can't prove it though.
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    I killed Tupac

    ah good old salad fingers :D
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    Advice Needed - Cowboy Plasterers

    Whats your location fella? Got 40ish roses but nothing really art deco.
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    Fibrous coving job

    Hello. If you want me to take a look then shoot me over some details. 07841919406 Cheers
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    Workshop Levenshulme

    What can i say? A wealth of knowledge and wisdom When it comes to coffee the morning has to start with double espresso Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream and an extra shot of coffee.
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    Workshop Levenshulme

    not enough coffee
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    Striking off

    Jesus thats some thick cornice, no need for that sort of thickness 5-10mm thickness and reinforced with wads is plenty of strength