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    Bit of advise please

    It's bad mate think the roofer is going to patch the guttering up and blame it on the render which I dont think is the problem.think I'll get another roofer to have a look he's supposed to be fixing it Thursday though.
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    Bit of advise please

    Not posted for a while just needed a bit of advice.had new roof done in summer because of damp issues it doesn't seemed to have solved the problem in fact its alot worse.i know a bit about rendering but not an expert.the roofer has admitted the contractor he had doing my roof has f**k*d...
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    Unhappy with plastering job - cold bridge roof to blame?

    Tell us what you paid?and tell us his name might stop someone else getting fleeced everyone that comes on here saying they have had some shite work done never names and shames.
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    Are we too CHEAP

    So they say mate
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    Are we too CHEAP

    Some plasterers on here earning more than brain surgeons f**k me it pays to be a little t**t at school
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    Are we too CHEAP

    Totally agree mate I'm from widnes near liverpool but working in north Wales on site I do 2 gauges a day home for 1.30 everday earn 750‐800 a week I'm happy dont pay materials just the cost of a van with my mate tax rebate every year which covers holiday pay people may say different but I'm...
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    Plasterer being aggressive to us

    It's quite simple mate 160 a day is not a bad price he might have done 2 gauges for 12.30 and gone home he should not have spoke to you or your missus like that so just knock f**k out of him barring this get someone else and take it on the chin
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    Are we too CHEAP

    I know a painter who charges 50 a day he is good I haven't touched a paintbrush in my house for 6 years
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    Rember your first wage packet

    Don't remember my first pay packet but remember my first week in work I was a horny 16 year old and my cousin and mate who I worked with payed for me to get my leg over at the local brothel
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    Does this look acceptable at all?

    Dont mind people coming on asking about bad work but not one off them will name and shame the people responsible for the s**t work
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    Battery mixers!!!

    Agree with the drill mate but I lashed my scrim gun straight away stick to my trowel
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    Cordless, impact driver, collated, screw gun

    My hilti is one of the best tools I own but at the same time I f**k**g hate it because cant stand boarding I might sell the c**t
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    Is this a wind up

    We are on 2.85 a metre can still earn a decent living if you're quick enough cant you mate
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    Awkward pricing

    Allowed for 4 days for 2 of us but could do it in 3 put a bit more in for gear as I dont know how much it's going to cost with things being tight they are also living in the house so cant smash it could probably do it in 2 days if house was empty
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    Awkward pricing

    To be honest mate I've give money back in the past at first I thought it was a 2000 grand job.what I normally do is charge an extra day incase of unforeseen circumstances then give it back if I dont hit any snags.put a little extra on for the price of materials incase I have to pay a bit extra...