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    Plaster On Wall

    Keeps the floor cleaner than me tho! I would never have posted my early attempts at plastering......fair play...
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    Weber spec and pricing

    Would love to see 30 mm render in the afternoon sun!!! Have to be paul feckin daniels to keep that looking flat!
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    Plastering previously tiled, old stone bathroom wall

    Metal stud and board if it was me.. keep it simple
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    Renders .. maybe you guys can help..

    Two hours of firing bags into a putzmeister!!....welcome to the world of mono!
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    Dot and dab dusty walls

    Want some half time in the wet water tho....
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    corner trowel

    Like the Refina too but also the long skinny MT one. four different ones and never really mastered any of them tbh. Been doing them free hand lately and it takes longer but makes me feel like a real plasterer......i mean skimmer
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    Site Speed

    Can only dream of 45 mtrs... mixed a bag and a half once........ Never Again
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    Site Speed

    Thought it was about you getting back up to site speed....100 mtrs a day labourer
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    Dry wall adhesive in multi

    So I can go home for lunch between trowels
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    Dry wall adhesive in multi

    Gonna give it a try Tuesday. Stepping up from one bag at a time!..... don't think I'll use the b&q make good shite tho
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    Scratch render queries - any advice/opinions much appreciated.

    Fat thumbs ....wasnt disagreeing at all !