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    Gypsum hard wall or sand and cement to block noise coming through my third party wall

    Sound travels through timber so under the floor use something rubber so sound hit rubber and then as said above ,just an idea
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    My short time at a so called training centre was going out to asses got bit fishy smell when 13 of them asked me when they got payed for taking part all came to light then when I was asked to complete projects for them and answer questions ,so they could tick all boxes and claim money for them...
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    I would advise any young school leaver to check out and visit training centre before signing any forms first as not all are what they seem
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    heavy olde english plastered walls

    Knauf beton contact mp75
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    cSkill Level 3 Solid Practical Assignments Version 2

    Try improving on what training centres you pass
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    Downlight Holes!

    Why do you fit beads round sockets.?
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    That don't sound right lol
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    Complete novice

    Yes stick to chipping :RpS_thumbup:
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    Able Skill C&G NVQ ???

    Be careful which one you pick most of them just want to tick boxes to claim money well the one I used to work for operated like this very bad training and lots of lies
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    What stilts?

    That was last site I worked on couple yrs ago very big firm ,think at time they had drop a skip on some young bloke walking across compound in Plymouth area
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    What stilts?

    When he caught me the 2nd time without my hard hat he gave me yellow card ,i said it keeps falling of ,he told me to get helmet with chin strap
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    What stilts?

    Well that's the crack here some asshole following you round site last time I worked on site some young bell end giving people yellow cards for not wearing hard hat when skimming ceilings and gloves and glasses
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    What stilts?

    What you ask for then
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    What stilts?

    well over here it's called health and safety
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    What stilts?

    Are you allowed on sites now with stilts ?