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    White patches on krend

    Welcome to the start of coloured renders problem page.
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    Looking for estimate to render our cottage

    100 % agree modern renders are the modern day artex . work of the devil.
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    Idiots everywhere.

    Think you need to look at your business model if you are asking how, supply and demand and pegged rates.
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    Advice sought for rendering costs for block of flats in NW4

    Agreed with the hack off, problem with these style of flats is more structual defects, so may need more than just render to fix the issue
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    Stolen dewalt mixer

    They can keep it, brought the 240v one last year, speed selection stopped working , which i can handle, but cable went in the usual place as it enters, so ended up stripping machine and re-routing cable for future fixes, not impressed with build quality , shiny chinese indeed !!!
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    Ban the racists

    Deep down everyone is a racist, no matter what colour/race/gender they are some are just silly enough to state it out loud
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    Channel Partner Introduction

    Oh dear, good luck with that venture, 25%, you do know how plasterers operate ? ltd companies =ltd liabilities, very foreboding
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    End of year returns

    Death and taxes are two definates , do not waste any living moment worrying about them. lifes too short
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    Starting to bite.

    Who took number four ???
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    More price increases.

    You mean cryptocurrency
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    You mean rust free atm- might change if it rains !!!
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    Soundboard... is it worth the money?

    Makes no difference if you have a suspended timber floor, start from the ground up, sound resonates through voids
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    Plaster Cost

    I reckon we as plasterers have the cheapest material and tool cost to earn a living dan you have never sold coke have you ?
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    heavy buckets

    I'm hoping tapit has no plans for the weekend, and gets in his shed knocking up a prototype