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    Oldest plasterer

    yeah cash divvied up on Friday [prompt] now yer talking, that,s what plastering should be all about , make,s yer proud to be british, ha
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    Oldest plasterer

    85 yer lightweight ,where,s yer dignity man, lol
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    The NELA PlasticFlex Trowel Review

    yeah just ban me from the site pal. close me down ,but don,t take hard working folk for fools, you will be telling me next you have the sword of justice and the the shield of truth.
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    The NELA PlasticFlex Trowel Review

    don.t even bother to deny it, where,s your dignity man
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    The NELA PlasticFlex Trowel Review

    come off it your as bent as a tenbob get kickback from nela. I know it you know it and so does everyone else ,lets have some honesty man.
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    Plaster Faster with Halftime Plaster Accelerator

    just use dirty water the plaster starts going off in no time at all and it costs you zero .nowt. nada . the northerner.
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    Hard water

    what a tosser lol
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    its a b*ll***s up man, cos the floor is a mess, up ya game.
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    Looking for work

    look man, ive been in the game 20 years, the only way to get work is make it happen for yourself. it might be not what you want to hear ,but hey its the brutal unvarnished truth . good luck man.
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    Noob signing on...

    where, s ya dignity man
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    Not sure what to do - skimming over dried bonding coat

    wet it down man, then skim over it--- where,s ya dignity