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    This year completed my nvq 2 mate, luckily had lock down to sit and look at the book for a month solid
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    The lad is probably talking about the question books you have to fill out, fuuck all on plastering it’s more about health and safety and working around others, Shiite like that
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    beats spreading

    Depending what part of the country your in I’d say take up sea angling, takes me to amazing looking places around north wales, almost don’t mind if you don’t catch then.
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    Lovely afternoon

    Feathers are always great off the breakys and a smaller rod down the side with ragworm or strips of squid for pollock, wrasse and other species. Lob half a mackeral out about 10/20ft depending on depth of water, on a 6/0 if your brave enough for a conger or a Huss :bananahappy:
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    Lovely afternoon

    Strip of mackeral belly so it’s shiny under a float when they’re like that
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    getting old

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    Fishing Monday

    “ so what do you catch here then”
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    Skim stripes

    They’re like small ripples but I can’t see them after my flatten, only my first wet
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    Skim stripes

    When I finish the wall they’re always trowelled down enough not to be felt and never show through when decorated, when I give the skim a flatten it looks great but after the first wet small ones some show through but only in some places, could this mean I’m introducing water just a bit too...
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    barbed hooks

    I can agree with that
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    Help with dots

    Looking at the pictures the dots don’t hide any of the aggregate or anything behind them so it could just be where water dropped onto it after their final trowel and has dried like that
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    Help with dots

    Bead has no paint on it so I’m guessing you’ve had your walls skimmed with carlite or you’ve stripped back an older wall with carlite or old grey board finish on, them darker spots could just be differentiates in the skim in this case.
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    Rusty trowel

    Dry and WD at the end of the day should stop it rusting, using it everyday will also stop rust on the face as it’s worn down
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    Not used a staple in ages, no not a tape either