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    Mardy Murray

    So Andy Murray lost again, mardy b*****d.. what’s he blaming this time, leaves on the court, Scotland losing. again. Come to Yorkshire wearing you’re anybody but England shirt and you’ll soon learn to run faster.
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    Cordless mixer

    Deffo deWalt I was amazed at the power. Well worth it if you’re on sites with f**k…g health and safety b*ll***s
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    Bennu spray gun

    The beauty of spraying with the ritmo set up is there are no problems with joints. You can do half a wall , go back a few hours later and carry on. Using circular sweeping movements with the gun the silicone render just blends in. Use 1mm as the jets in the gun can get blocked using bigger grit...
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    Pebble dashing

    Use a bigger shovel
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    Self cleaning renders

    No such thing as a self cleaning render unless the render has grown arms and can work a jet wash.
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    Thin coat render on cement board

    Nobody will guarantee any rendering onto render board. Ironic isn’t it. Use Johnson’s key coat with mesh bedded in for base coat , top off with one coat render
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    Knee pads!

    Wohlpro knee pads pal not cheap but worth every penny.
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    Sciatica ….

    Just had it myself. Used ibuprofen, ice packs on your lower back and rest up until the pain eases.
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    Tarmac Pre Mixed One Coat Render as base coat over existing pebbledash

    Oh dear. I can’t believe I’m reading this. Not one thing about this job is correct,ie not removing old render, wrong materials used and no mesh. Didn’t you check this guys previous jobs?
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    Water issue Ritmo

    phone les at PFT Northern.
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    Ritmo l plus wanted waiting .....also bennu gun pls.....

    I’m selling mine due to retirement. Bought 3 years ago from PFT Northern In very good condition with compressor and gun to spray silicone render. £6500.00 or very nearest offer. Doncaster, Sheffield area.
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    Ritmo 240v

    Anybody interested in buying a ritmo 240v rendering machine with attachments to also spray silicone render. In very good condition, £6,500.00 or very nearest offer