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    .Dream team.

    One old Irish bloke I used to labour for held a handful of nail in his mouth as he tacked - spitting one out every second or so tacking - never got a word out of him all day.
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    .Dream team.

    Proper tacking that was, quite miss it - Estwing hammer left a nice dimple around the pb & nail for a key.
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    Renderer from Australia

    Howdy partner…he’s not from the wild-west. It’s Oz - g’day cobber.
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    Plaster reinforcement mesh.

    Why not just do as the code requires?
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    Internal mono corner

    Any pics mate of the work…love a pic. Miss that staffie-dog avatar
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    What’s she 2nd fixing to the 15mm copper…loo, bidet and sink
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    You must be loaded mate. I remember that resort as we walked past it, it was for the rich & beautiful people. We hired a mini-moke and it broke down in the middle of town - we dumped it and got s**t-faced on Pinas.
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    Rendering to ground..... do or do not?

    Start with this block detail.
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    Colour matching render

    The stones haven’t been mixed in with the render - they have been dashed on. Some stones are dirty/dusty straight from a bag and need washed & sieved or they can look cat.
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    Colour matching render

    Did the builder do the pebble-dash? Should have set and rubbed-up reveals first. Unless you do samples of render/stones to colour match its hit or miss.
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    floor screed diy

    Oh yes mate, very tight :)
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    Bristol based (north)

    Decent offer for a grafter - lifelong skill and loads of money to earn if you’re smart
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    floor screed diy

    Have a bit of this :)
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    Ffs, now the cats after my curry
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    Trying to stop the goat from eating the pineapple out of my Pina Colada