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    Patch up or start again

    No1. But stud it out. That old door frame will hold the laths in place.
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    Looking for work.

    In tonight’s ‘London Evening Standard’ - might suit you.
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    Repairing small section in corner of the ceiling

    Fibafuse, then 3 coats of easifil 20, feathered out, the edges are already drying (the only bit that needs a rub if you know what your are doing), job done in an hour. At 6.48 I had sausage rolls, beans and chips.
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    Mt black red original or permashape?

    MT carbon 14” pre-broken in but not permashape is my choice, matched with a 14”x 14” hawk is a perfect combo.
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    Sparky £100 per hour

    Anyway on my job this week: Chippy - a c**t Sparks - a c**t Plumber - a c**t But the biggest c**t is the brickie, turned up without a line or level and started running in a 10 foot block wall…God give me strength
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    Sparky £100 per hour

    Look at the shitholes he is working in - he says his rate on YouTube to pull in the work at that price. He needs to: 1. Buy a coat that fits him - looks a right c**t 2. Needs a massive punch in the face with his annoying Cambridge accent. :)
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    This is our year

    Scotland fan doing the ‘worm’ on the underground - woman in mask grimacing
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    Summer styles

    Pair of old Adidas shorts - light and comfy. And yes before you ask, I am fukcin grafting today. What I’m getting payed you’d be kept In jellied eels all month
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    Repairing small section in corner of the ceiling

    Patch with 12.5mm pb, fibre fuse and joint with Easifill 20 - 3 coats and feather out, quick rub down, whole job done in just over an hour.
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    Marshalltown DuraCork handle

    Feedback after a couple of weeks of work and it is brilliant. First off, It’s the same size as the MT wooden and red handle. There’s not a load of improvements over the standard handles but what i think is good about this DuraCork is when i clean the trowel off and a splash of water gets on the...
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    Marshalltown DuraCork handle

    Got myself one of these today. By the look, feel & texture, it’s a mix of the normal red rubber with a spray of cork in it - as I like the Nela cork handle I thought I’d try it out. And the cost of it is about 10 mins work.
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    Sooky sooky sooky

    Tool station do a 10lt tub for £30, B&Q the robbing baztards want £48
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    Inset TV

    Very stylish room, and just a ‘hint’ of pink to let people know...
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    Knee pads

    You big TEASE
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    Knee pads

    Blaklader work trouser knee pads are the really comfy - I wore Dickies before and they aren’t anywhere as good - their knee pads rode round the side of your knees during the day. I’ve been screeding the last couple of weeks and knees are fine.