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    Ritmo l with skim set up

    Are they worth that much ?
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    Parex corner moulding

    Polite question and response .. from original poster .. always gets quality replies!
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    Georgian house with Damp

    Leave to dry out, put a dehumidifier in and wait... Check the plaster is actually lime ... ( not cement and lime) and that the paint is breathable?
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    cornice in situ

    Having thought about it , how long is the damaged section ? maybe it could be run in with a rule ?
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    cornice in situ

    Cut a slot in the cornice and template it with a piece of paper and a pencil. You can then make one yourself / or get someone else to make one.
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    pumping lime

    Brilliant I guess!
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    pumping lime

    Johnzo .... so how did it go ?
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    Lime wash

    Of course you can, why you would want to is another question ?
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    Will Ritmo mix and pump Jub Edelputz?

    you must have used the compressor by now??? Any feed back?
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    Will Ritmo mix and pump Jub Edelputz?

    Hi, Have you used this compressor yet ? how does it compare in reality to how the ltr / min make you think it would work ? Asking as I have been looking for a bigger flow compressor to go along with the ritmo
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    Makita Ut1600

    Eibanstock (sp?) mega mixer is one of the best I have used ... also oddly a rubi tile adhesive mixer ( 2 handled).
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    16th century cottage

    Is that a no ??? But nice free holiday?
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    Turbosol parts

    Speak to Paul at PUMPARTS
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    lime and horsehair

    Does anyone know of any courses in south wales?
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    Guide to traditional lime render?

    Do you guys do a lot of work with lime renders ? do you ever use lime putty renders?