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    Wetherby rendering - Looking for spreads in Newcastle

    Plasterers/rendering squad wanted for a year or mores job near Newcastle as subcontractor. Must have some experience of rendering, time served preferable. Needs to be two squad really, but others considered. Thanks
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    And no my second name is not slice! Ha
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    Ha ha, wow thanks for all the replies! In response - No I have never worked for Paul Clamp, dont know of him? Work mainly around Newcastle way/Teesside. Using Wetherby for brick effect, good gear. Only problem with brick effect is you see bricks every time you shut your eyes! Right what you...
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    Ha Ha! Thanks for the welcome! No, my first name is not legsa! Would not be so good for business!!! Mainly do brick effect render and thin coat systems, silicone colour finishes and the like!
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    Hello, New to the forum, just having a look thought I would post. I am a girl plasterer and renderer, self employed sub contactor from the North East working on externals. Love it!!!
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    Thinking of site it worth it?

    I am a girl plasterer and renderer and love site work, best thing I ever did was getting into External Rendering - good money, loads of work about! Based in North East