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    New tool

    160,was thinking of trying a 200 though.:)
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    Thistle dri coat

    Id skim the lot but seems standard practice for many damp firms to feather it in.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year fellas:)
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    plywood against blockwork

    as you've said or could try render board and a flexi thin coat base.?
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    Tape and joint new builds

    Haven't done much t&j not sure speed would be much different?(maybe because I do more skimming) skim is more durable,I know which one I'd choose for my own property.
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    Does this seem like a right mission

    I thaught that before but the YouTube Mac is from Ireland and the forum Mac is Sheffield area:)
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    Big Christmas contract.

    Or both?:risas2:sorry nisus just couldn't help myself:burlas:
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    Any clue on this colour/k-rend or monocouch

    Looks not far off weber ivory tbf.can you source that locally?
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    The MyBuilder experience

    Definitely not the said Tottenham fan,he's to nice and wouldn't have thrown floats at you.:)
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    The MyBuilder experience

    Another Tottenham supporter by any chance?
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    Is it this one mate?though I may order one of the other new ones too.
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    That's cool mate I want to order one, I've always used nela but recently bought a refina and like that also,I'll see if they are in stock,I'm an 18" man too;)
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    Tuesdays TPF Competition

    What is that pic behind you,is it you on your van?