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    Rend aid question

    We use burn hole roller mate
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    What is the average cost of damp proofing services

    Full membrane, sump pumps fitted, can come out a high price, don’t cut corners with basements mate , hope it goes well
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    Air problem

    Connect the airline to your water , see if the hose is blocked, same with the gun , a slight blockage can stop it firing up , hope you get it sorted
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    Self Employed

    oh well thats good ,we have nothing to worry about now !lol
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    Dream on ! lol
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    The 2 month before Christmas were a bit wet ! Lol, same old same old tbh , just live with it , enjoy the dry days and the wet I guess
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    Always look in mate TBH ,Danny has a great site
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    If you live from "hand to mouth " outside work is a killer ,all each to their own
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    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    Keith you know as well as i do ,its bad , but i love the way you still help out
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    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    Tbh i only posted to back up the fact it can and should be done right ,hope you get your home sorted
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    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    We hate lights as well ! Lol
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    Best way in the wet cold months , a must have for us
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    Is what it is ,the building game does not stop for winter ,the show must go on! lol , just like to add ",Come on England" !!!!!!!,sorry about that
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    K-rend over pebbledash

    i drink on a school night sometimes ,don,t make it right ,x