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    Built 1780

    Our house was buit early 1500 ish, has some amazing features if you like old Houses, some amazing Beams, apparently some of them used in ships at Gloucter Docks. A covenent was placed on the timbers stating if possibly to be brought back to source to be recycled.
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    Resin driveways.

    Thats you fuked then, Lol
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    Should have listened to TheClemo

    You breaking down is 1 thing, as long as the Van didnt.Lol
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    Skimming for a renderer

    A good fashion though Andy
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    Skimming for a renderer

    If ya getting good results at home go for it. Plastering is easy, @essexandy can do it
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    Plastering gang needed Nottingham area

    Somebody offering work, some not so professional relies on the thread.
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    Not really, if ya s**t ya get s**t reviews, then no work.
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    They work and give good jobs, since they were taking over its been ruined.
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    Is bubble bout to burst

    It will be what it will be, we have all been there before.
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    I had good jobs, but they just got cheeky.
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    Binned mine, wanted £1,200 for renewal because i had loads of reviews, fuk em.
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    Who rules off their render

    i used to work with a old school spread. Had all these different lengths of cut down pieces of Oak skirting he aquired from a job years ago. Amazing rules, nice to use.
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    Recommend me a trowel!

    Just my trusty Carbon Steel all the way through now. Have done for ages.