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    Weber Monocouche - should it REALLY look like this?

    Bovis use a lot of celcon/lightweight block which is not suitable for mono of any kind. Any celcon block should have a base coat either rend aid micro hp 12 being the main 3 . The bovis sites we do have all changed now to 7nwt solids.
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    External rendering over cement board. PLEASE HELP

    i would use parex maitie or weber lac adhesive coat with mesh bedded in 4/6 mm as stated above.
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    Ritmo L or Mtec200??

    Here is another video of the M-tec M200 in action spraying Weber. Half way down page 3 on this thread.
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    Ritmo L or Mtec200??

    In your post you say it's one material and the other it's another? Weber in the first then monocouche xf in the second.
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    Too Lance or not too Lance. That is the question

    I use mine on areas where there is no scaff in the way also really good for internals,did a couple of hundred metres of sound coat a few week ago and it was a doddle.
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    Ritmo L or Mtec200??

    That's the same job as the earlier video,did they change material for the gable??
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    Spanking Ritmo in January Sales

    Been on eBay weeks. Cheeky offer wouldn't go a miss.
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    Need a bigger van!

    False floor no good if you got a machine and genny going in.I would say a high roof is essential as sometimes my van is needed as a workshop when tinkering with machine and the height is bob on.Much easier to load/unload when you can stand up straight.
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    I used it a couple of week ago through g4 and it kept blowing cap off,stressed to the max and it was a 80m gable.
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    Need a bigger van!

    Mercedes sprinter mwb is ideal mate, iv had one almost a year and been spot on.Had a ducato lwb which was bigger but cost a fortune in repairs.
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    K4 weber chalk water setting

    chalk is probably the quickest setter out of all colours and brands. I would still put 1.5 tubs in a water barrel tho. We put 3 in ivory today,60 bags on for 10 past 9 on the way home at 1.15.
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    Machine insurance

    Mine is through admiral.
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    Ritmo has paid for its self after 4 jobs . I'm rich

    There is a skim set up with it ,think there about a grand.
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    Machine insurance

    i got £6000 worth of cover for £100 with my van insurance.I know it wont cover the full cost for replacing everything but will go a good way toward it.
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    Used machine for sale

    yes its in my lock up.