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    KA tanking & rendering garage walls

    I would clean the retaining wall well, apply brush coat or two of an anti sulphate solution,SBR, two coat tanking slurry , coat with your render to protect tanking , job done. You may have to return the tanking around side wall a bit where it meets the retaining wall.
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    Wet dash

    Harling, (wet dash Roughcast) Three coat system.
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    Wet dash

    If it’s getting painted, aye. If it’s white or colour - mix enough to complete the wall/elevation.
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    Wet dash

    With a 6 mm chip, 3:1:1. Works well with a small belle mixer.
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    Wet dash

    Hand cast or Box ?.
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    Render Advice

    The British climate. !! That’s just the start, in a few years that render will be discoloured especially if it’s on a weather elevation. Without a decent projection protecting the wall, concrete coping stones at the wall head, it’s just a matter of time , rain will penetrate eventually. You...
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    If it’s a new block work wall, no need for SBR. Unless it’s a high suction background and you want to kill the suction. Hosing down and Waterproofer and plastisicer in the mix will do. Having said that, it’s a great product for improving workability etc,.
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    Yes you can inject your wall. Perhaps with a water based system as it diffuses into damp mortar better than trying to displace the moisture like a spirit based system. ( inject the mortar line not the brick). A better system of course is inserting a physical dpc system ,( probably not practical...
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    If you have two walls which are waterproofed (tanked) then you can can get damp rising ,because it can’t evaporate from the wall (chimney effect) ,unless vapour permeable tanking system. Injecting a chemical DPC at the flat above is unlikely to do any good. (a waste of good money l would say).
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    Opinions please

    Cut corner bead with an angle grinder at 45 degrees and hack off.
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    Another Artex question - sorry!

    Try a wet ardex mix and apply on a painters roller, looks like that’s the way it was done originally hence no stipple peaks.
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    Small mould problem on newly plastered wall.

    Soluble salt will be deposited on wall surfaces that moisture is evaporating from.
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    Potential damp cottage wall - Help

    Or even years, that textured paint system would definitely prevent evaporation. However you need to establish the source of moisture before you can best deal with the problem. As stated above hack off existing and lime plaster or dry line the wall.
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    External insulation butting into stone wall

    Some sort of vertical flashing detail, in lead/ copper etc. That stonework is amazing.
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    Is this the cause of my damp?

    I get what you say, as above, however water passing through a structure and evaporating from the surface of an internal wall, you would expect to see some damage to the decorations, in the form of efflorescence, blistering, etc. The damp staining evident Is rising into the corner, and mould on...