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    Opinions please

    Cut corner bead with an angle grinder at 45 degrees and hack off.
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    Another Artex question - sorry!

    Try a wet ardex mix and apply on a painters roller, looks like that’s the way it was done originally hence no stipple peaks.
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    Small mould problem on newly plastered wall.

    Soluble salt will be deposited on wall surfaces that moisture is evaporating from.
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    Potential damp cottage wall - Help

    Or even years, that textured paint system would definitely prevent evaporation. However you need to establish the source of moisture before you can best deal with the problem. As stated above hack off existing and lime plaster or dry line the wall.
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    External insulation butting into stone wall

    Some sort of vertical flashing detail, in lead/ copper etc. That stonework is amazing.
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    Is this the cause of my damp?

    I get what you say, as above, however water passing through a structure and evaporating from the surface of an internal wall, you would expect to see some damage to the decorations, in the form of efflorescence, blistering, etc. The damp staining evident Is rising into the corner, and mould on...
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    Is this the cause of my damp?

    could be condensation, l see some black spotted mould on the surface.
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    Vertical damp patch on brick - No one knows what it is!

    Aye it’s a bit of a mystery right enough, if it interstitial condensation, ( condensation forming within the wall structure, l don’t think there would be any evidence on the insulation it would be forming on the cold outside leaf of the cavity wall and be absorbed by the brick.
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    Tanking slurry and internal render

    Best to use a renovating plaster like that suggested above, however if you are still going with the render, dampen surface of tanking slurry and prime with SBR and cement with some sharp sand thrown in for good measure.
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    Damp proofing basement

    Loads of systems for basement waterproofing, if you’re going down the tanking slurry and plastering route, then ld go for a renovating plaster rather than s&c render. As with all damp basements drying out with ventilation or heating and dehumidifier is key.
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    House been rendered in Weber - advice wanted

    Payd money into his personal account , suggest HMRC may be interested in that.
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    Vertical damp patch on brick - No one knows what it is!

    Defo’ think sparky in fitting the outside socked box has displaced cavity/wall insulation causing cold bridging- condensation. I would remove a brick or two at top and bottom of damp patch and try and reinstate insulation, ( if that is in fact the problem).
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    Vertical damp patch on brick - No one knows what it is!

    A very defined area of damp, l think if the source was from rain water it would be less well defined. Could it be from condensation from cold bridging, there appear to be a lot of cavity vents. Think you need to get someone to take moisture readings on the surface and within the thickness of the...
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    Flat affected by damp

    All depends on the levels of moisture involved ,porosity of the affected building materials ,rate of drying etc and being in a basement it’s going to probably take months rather than weeks.
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    Water ingress stone cottage

    As you cannot reduce the ground level and presumably that means also cannot drain or do anything to prevent lateral penetrating damp externally therefore your options a very limited, lime plaster will allow the wall to breath/dry , a dehumidifier will assist in this. Long term l think its just a...