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  1. J

    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    It’s normally down to the supply chain storage rather than the way the product it made. After a shortage (like during the lockdown) most suppliers bulk out when then can and secure discounts, this results is stock being stored in warehouses with temps going up and down before it even makes its...
  2. J

    Timing on float coat

    Hi Pal, Depends on wall, but as a rule of thumb if you can press with a knuckle and only leave a dent your good to go, often top half will dry quicker than the bottom, if it starts dragging clumps pop the kettle on and finish half hour later while enjoying a brew. If it’s first go at lime...
  3. J

    Damp patch

    Sry I’m new to the forum, but what’s misleading?
  4. J

    Damp patch

    Hi Pal, If it was a leak in the roof and has been fixed then hack it back and let it dry before patch, repair and skim. As you said it’s high on an exterior wall, would normally check the guttering and if the brickwork needs repointing. No point fixing the inside if the outside is still causing...
  5. J

    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to take a second to introduce myself, My names Jay. I was a plasterer for about 10 years up until the 2008 recession. Then ended up working in retail, after building a fairly successful career in retail management, six months ago took on renovating a house. Got my old tools from...