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    Corner trowel

    New trowel you need not angle trowl m8 looks crap
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    Pink plasterboard disaster

    Should all be sealed not pass any tests
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    Glass rock boards

    Pva n skim or grit
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    Glass rock boards

    Can you skim over glassrock boards
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    skimmers asap

    You sorted now
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    Artex fail

    Apart from boarding what do you suggest
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    Fixing tolerances for metal studs

    You boards lately seem heavier ?
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    Early grand national tip

    He not show full of s....t
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    When accas go wrong

    They are worst team in league need wilson n maxi back asap
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    When accas go wrong

    Come o the toon
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    Cheltenham tips

    U talk some crap m8
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    Plasters & dot and dabbers

    M8 got more letters after my name thats in your name you thick cnt.I retired at 45
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    Plasters & dot and dabbers

    Whys that then we should all be on same for price work u sad t...ts