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    I use them all the time. Once you get used to them there is no way you'll go back. So much faster and easier.
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    Looking for Internship

    Welcome along. I've heard of that school but never researched it much. I'd be curious to hear what you thought of it. Despite the pandemic work hasn't really slowed down for me at least but I have been working solo for awhile and jump between tile and plaster jobs. What type of plaster are you...
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    I need to replace a missing Mitre Rod or Joint Rule - - where can I get one?

    Bon tool:
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    Looking for US Equivalent to Casco WallCraft

    I don't think I would trust anything to go straight over tile without some sort of bonder/primer but depending on what you're trying to do with it I think there are products that could work for you. If you're just looking for something that has a fast set so you can sand it same day you can get...
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    Patching cornice

    Bon tool carries them: Enjoy!
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    Hi! looking for advice please, on micro cement, in the USA

    Those countertops are very possible but you're going to want to use microcement to get that look. Similar application techniques as plaster but your picture definitely looks like microcement or a precast countertop. There are several suppliers for microcement if you do a quick Google search...
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    Yankee here. Need some advice

    Welcome along as our hosts here like to say. Lime is definitely deferent than gypsum when it comes to mixing and spreading. You also won't be building work out much and if you overwork it on the wall you'll start to delaminate pretty bad. That said it's not too bad once you get used to it and...
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    Hi! looking for advice please, on micro cement, in the USA

    I'm late to the party but yes you can use plaster in a shower. It's all about the prep work. You water proof the area like you would for tile and then start your plaster process on top of that. I would look at Nova color walls2floor system as an option or Vasari Plaster has nice lime Plasters...
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    Knee pads!

    Best knee pads are pro knees. I do tile as well and have tried em all. They are sized to fit you exactly, don't bite the back of your leg and distribute your weight across your entire shin. They are pricey but durable and if you're going to invest in some these are the best money can buy. Here...
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    anyone fancy this?

    Had one similar last year. I'd be interested but I think the commute would kill me.
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    Monday photos

    Mesh tape and then trowel it up by hand. I have corner trowels to get the shape and after it sets but is still green I wet sand it with a sanding sponge.
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    Monday photos

    I do my own hanging quite a bit but dot and dab isn't really popular here. I've done a few walls with dot and dab but not a lot. Most walls are framed out if new board is going up.
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    Monday photos

    Been wrapping up a project.
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    Long Island plasterer

    There are a few of us. I don't live in NY anymore though. Willing to point you in the right direction if you like. Feel free to PM.
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    Not a fan of the Skywalker stilts. Have a friend who loves them though. They do adjust quickly and the snowboard style clamps are nice but they're much heavier than my sur-stilts pro S2s, and I don't think they are nearly as stable. This is what I use and highly recommend.