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    Bathroom ceiling

    Speaking for myself, very in the beginning, but you live and u learn along the way. I just wanted the gear on when I started, and used to think "I'll clean that later "or the labourer can. Not these days though.
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    Bathroom ceiling

    Maybe give clingfilm a go I know it sticks to everything pretty much, just an idea
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    The NELA PlasticFlex Trowel Review

    I have one of the same but never got on with it. I also have the ox plastic trowels they are good easier on the joints, what I found though is they dont close the the finish in enough as a metal trowel does so if u look down the wall you will see it is all still grainy. They are the b*ll***s for...
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    Dont post in here if....

    Hi fellas, im new on here but not new to the trade. I noticed that the younger generation have that entitlement gene, they want the spoils but won't put the graft in, last a day 2 if ur lucky. Just had one he flattened a wall with speedskim thought he was the mutts nuts. Made the decision not...
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    New member.

    hi fella's, just joined the forum, been spreading about 17 yrs still lots to learn, just about to do my first lime job, internal, brick, flint, and cob walls should be a steep learning curve, looking forward to it though.