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    loch closed

    That’s very kind of you,much appreciated your a gentleman!ill pm you once this is all bye with and we will meet up next time I’m down
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    loch closed

    No not me mate
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    loch closed

    Ayr but fish down that way
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    loch closed

    Good wee loch Whitfield I’ve fished it a few times myself
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    loch closed

    Stranraer and district?
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    loch closed

    What lochs you fish at?
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    Have all merchants shut

    Correct!i know who I won’t be bending backwards for already once this is sorted out,folk showing there true colours now
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    Have all merchants shut

    Jewson update
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    oursites update 2

    Another 80 odd dead today!fake bullshit scaremongering!f**k**g nugget of a guy!
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    oursites update 2
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    update on our sites

    So Scotland’s site have to shut but English ones to stay open?eh?
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    Genuinley confused?????

    Don’t go,wee jimmy crankie sturgeon is on the ball plastering ain’t essential
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    And now Screwfix Sites to close ASAP!
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    Thought you blocked me you mutant?