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    Labourer in Northampton

    What u laughing at
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    Labourer in Northampton

    Looking for a labourer in Northampton, own transport required. Mainly spray render on domestic jobs. Call nick 07791133965
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    Ritmo help?

    Jay, spray it real wet then u got loadsa time to rule it, spat as it stiffens, float with sponge float n water. It will eat the sponges up but fk it's easier and looks good n flat
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    monocouche gurantee

    Riggs has gotta be the nicest bloke on the forum, I can't send u a cake but u get recognition
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    monocouche gurantee

    Nothing in life is garaunteed. Wild fckin horses wouldn't get me back to a crack
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    rat trap cavity

    Where's gibbo???? He's got a thing about rats lately!!!! Lol
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    Applying mono

    Owwww butler
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    Applying mono

    Fukc putting mono on by hand. Make a drink to sub it to the machine boys
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    Bad monocouche finish

    I would pursuede him to knock the house over and get a new one done then u can just render onto new block.
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    Renderer looking for work in the midlands

    Coventry is G** zone
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    The Ritmo coach bolt

    Yeah why have a nut n bolt in a location where bags of plaster go day after day. Demented. Quick release lever would be better. I'm a g5 man now tho. Still hate everything
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    Nick likes willy bags
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    machine for hire

    Knew I shouldn't have strayed the G** section. I'm off
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    machine for hire

    I don't understand, my attendance obviously isn't up to scratch, can I say I'm not interested?